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Serving Equipment


















Bread Basket Hi-Polished
Bread Basket, Silver
Bread Basket, Wicker
Cracker Basket, Plastic, 7" x 5" Oval
Wicker Baskets (Assorted Large Sizes)

Silver Revere Bowl, 4”
Silver Revere Bowl, 6"
Silver Revere Bowl, 8"
Silver Revere Bowl, 10”
SilverRevereBowl, 12”
5" Octagon, Glass, 14oz
7" Octagon, Glass, 20 oz.
9" Octagon, Glass, 58 oz.
5"Fleur, Glass 11 oz.
7"Fleur, Glass 38 oz.
8"Fleur, Glass 40 oz.
15qt. Lucite Bowl
Shrimp Bow/Stainless Steel

7"x 12"OvaI White
11"x 14"OvaI W
24" Oval Off White Resin

Utensils- Silver
Silver Carving Set
Silver Serving Spoon
Silver Serving Fork
Silver Long Handled Spoon
Silver Pasta Server
Silver Spatula Server
Silver Ice Tongs
Silver Scissor Tongs 11"
Silver Hors d'oeuvres Tongs
Silver Cake Server
Silver Cake Knife
Silver Gravy Ladle
Silver Gravy Boat

Utensils- Stainless
Long Handle Spoon
Long Handle Serving Spoon Slotted
Gravy Boat
Serving Fork, Long Handle
Lobster Cracker
Ladle 2 oz.
Ladle 6 oz.
Tongs 6-3/4” Ice .
Tongs 9-1/2" Pastry
Tongs 6-1/2" Platter

Tongs 9" Long, Buffet
Ice Scoop
Spatula 6"S/Shandle
Spatula 8-1/2" Wood Handle

Oneida Pir Server

Oneida Solid Serving Spoon

Oneida Slotted Serving Spoon

Oneida Caliber

Cheese Knife

Serving Spoon 9"

Serving Fork 9"

Silver Serving Pieces
Bread Basket
Cake Stand 12" x 14"
Cake Knife
Cake Server
Ice Bucket, Silver
Revere Bowl, 4”
Revere Bowl, 6”
Revere Bowl, 8”
Revere Bowl, 10"
Revere Bowl, 12"
Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers
Silver Wine Coolerscissor

Black Shadow Box (No Top)

12" x 12" 1 1/2"

Black Shadow Box

(w/clear Top) 12" x 12" 1 1/2"