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Buffet Pieces

18"x36" Oval Mirror
18"x36"Rectangle Mirror
3TierTray                         Cupcake Stand, 5 Tier, Metallic or White                         Tray Stand, Cherry Wood




Chafing Dishes


2 qt. Round
4 qt. Square
8 qt. Oblong, 12" x 20”
8 qt. Oblong Roll Top
8 qt. Round

Stainless Steel
4 qt. Square
8 qt. Oblong, Standard
24 qt. 3 Compartment SS Chafer


3qt. Round Pyrex Warmer w/Candle

4qt. Oval w/ Sterno

6qt. Oval w/ Sterno

8qt. Oblong 12" x 20" w/ Sterno (Flat Top)

8qt. Oblong 12" x 20" w/ Sterno and Roll Dome Cover -2 Compartments


Coffee Station







Coffee Service/Beverage Urns
Chrome Coffee Urn, 25 Cup
Chrome Coffee Urn, 50 Cup
Chrome Coffee Urn, 100 Cup
Silver Coffee Urn, 25 Cup
Silver Coffee Urn, 50 Cup
Silver Coffee Urn, 100 Cup
Drip Tray
Tags: Coffee or Decaf or Hot Water

Coffee Makers
36 Cup
55 Cup
100 Cup
Tags: Coffee or Decaf or Hot Water
Drip Collector

Servers and Creamer Service
Cut Glass Creamer and Sugar (set)
Silver Creamer and Sugar (set)
Stainless Steel High Polished Creamer & Sugar set

Thermos -Coffee/ Beverage Servers
2.5 liter Aervoid
2 Qt. Glass Pitcher
2 Qt. Plastic Pitcher
2 Qt. Silver Pitcher
2 Qt. Stainless Steel Pitcher
2 Qt. Stainless Steel Coffee Pourer
5 Gal. Cambro, Holds 80 8 oz. Cups
5 Gal. Igloo, Holds 80 8 oz. Cups
10 Gal. Cambro, Holds 1608 oz. Cups
10 Gal. Igloo, Holds 160 8 oz. Cups
Cambro Cover
Coffee Pourer Silver
Wine Carafe
White Insulated, 40 oz       White Insulated, 64oz



Punch Bowls, Cups, Fountains

  Cup-Cut Glass
Glass, 3 Gallon
Gold, 2 Gallon
Gold, 3 Gallon
Stainless Steel, 3 Gallon
Silver, 3 Gallon
Ladle lucite
Stainless Steel, 3 Gallon
Stainless Steel, 5 Gallon
Chocolate Fountain















13"Round Gallery
23" x 13" Footed
26" x 21" Footed Oval with handles

Stainless Steel
20" Round
15" Octagon
12"x 16"Oval
12"x 18"Oval
13" x 18" Oval or Rectangle
15"x 21"Oval
15"x 21"Oval
3 Tier S/S w/Silver Accents
3Tier S/S w/Gold Accents
4Tier S/S w/ Silver Accents
4Tier S/S w/Gold Accents

Gallery Tray, 15" Mirror Finish

Black Tray, 16" Round, w/Red Copper Edge

Black Tray, 15" x 20", Rec. w/Handles

Waiter Tray Stand, Chrome
Waiter Tray, Oval, 26"
Waiter Tray, Round, 14" Non Slip
Waiter Tray, Round, 12" Non Slip