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Bakers Rack
Open Sheet Pan Rack
Sheet Pan 18"x 26"x 1"
1/2 Sheet Pan

Beverage Service
Super Cooler
Ice Tray, 66"x24"x8"
5 Gallon Thermos, Cambro
10 Gallon Thermos, Cambro.
Igloo, 5 Gallon
Igloo, 10 Gallon
Cooler, 54qt
Cooler, 96qt
Lexon Tub, 30 Gal
Ice Caddy w/wheels (1251b capacity)

Electric Oven/Fryer
Convection Oven, Elec., 1/2 Size, 3 Shelves
(1/2 Sheet Pans only)
Convection Oven, Elec., small 1 shelf
Deep Fryer Single Basket, Electric, 34 lb. Oil
Microwave Oven 650w
Pizza Oven 17" x 17", 2 Shelves

Heat Lamps
Double Heat Lamp
Double Heat Lamp with Carving Board
Carving Board

Heat Lamp, Chrome

Hot Boxes
ELECTRIC-150 Plates 110 Volt
ELECTRIC - 12-16 Sheet pan.
Plate Rings for 150 Plate Hot Box

2'x5'CharcoaI Grill
18" x 30" Propane Grill
2'x5'Propane Grill
Griddle Top 24" x 32"
(Must be used with Propane Grill)
Propane and Charcoal

Grill Top, Grated, Chrome w/stand, 38" x 16" x 9"

Insulated Cater Caddy
Cambro, Holds 4-2" Deep Pans.
Cambro, Holds 8-2" Pan Cart.
Cambro, Holds 16-2" Pan Cart
Food pans must be ordered separately.

Food Pans, 12" x 20" x 2"
Sheet Pans, 18"x26"x1"

Propane Gas Equipment
Deep Fryer 35 lb. Capacity, Dbl. Bskt, Propane
Convection Oven, Propane
Single Burner Stove Outdoor (Propane)

Portable 4.5 cubic feet
Commercial, S.S., 23 cu. ft. 8-15 sheet pans on casters

Steam Table
3 Chafer Pan Capacity 30 Amp. Elec

Sterno Cave
Non-Insulated, Holds 40 Sheet Pans

1 Burner Stove Indoor (Butane)
1 Burner Stove Outdoor (Propane)